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In This Workshop, We don’t Tell Sentimental Stories!

We also don’t frighten people of retirement destitution, spread college costs scares, and then offer some rosy “Solution” highlights! Instead, we Unravel & Explain the Mechanics of the “Solution”, in our case, a Permanent Life Insurance Contract, in a clear & concise way.

Whether your objective is to just have an inexpensive Permanent Life Insurance that will be GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, or, to find out about how a life insurance contract can provide you with a LIFETIME OF TAX-FREE RETIREMENT INCOME, this workshop is for you. Heck, you will even learn how a life insurance can be a great COLLEGE FUNDING tool that will not jeopardize your kids’ chances of getting Grants.

This workshop is also for you if you already have a life insurance policy but feel clueless about it! Well, this could be your chance to gain some solid knowledge to figure it out.

Frankly, the astonishingly Low Level of Knowledge surrounding the Highly Utilitarian Concept of Permanent Life Insurance has been a major motivation for us to create this workshop. In fact, the information out there is so out of context, biased, and half-baked that they make Life Insurance to easily be qualified as the Worst Explained & Least Understood Financial Instrument of All Time! So, with those thoughts in mind, we designed this workshop to be a Transparent Educational Experience that unveils the true potential of a life insurance and explains the “Why” and the “How”of its inner workings. This workshop will demonstrate, by clear data & comparisons, how a Permanent Life Insurance is in fact one of the best long-term financial instruments, if Designed Properly by an Experienced & Knowledgeable Life Insurance Professional.

Our 21 years of experience, since 1999, in working with families & businesses has made us experts in breaking down a complex subject & explain it piece by piece in an understandable way. So, upon completing our workshop, you will know about life insurance more than the average agent out there, and certainly way more than almost all accountants!! You can take that to the bank! Accountants, by enlarge, don’t even have a basic understanding of Life Insurance! Yet clients seek advice from them for understandable reasons. However, accountants’ life insurance knowledge is really only limited to some scant hearsay information that misguides people more than helps! Oh, how we wished that accountants would just stick to doing your taxes & accounting!!

On that note, another Note of Advice! In this age of on-line search & research, financial products, especially Permanent Life Insurance, happens to be one of the worst products to research for on-line! As mentioned earlier, an overwhelming majority of the on-line articles are biased, half stories that are devoid of any real substance & objectivity. The same goes with most of the “pundits” that run T.V. or radio “financial” shows! So, the bottom line is that the internet may be a good place to purchase an object, like a shirt or a book, but a horrible place to obtain financial products. AVOID IT!

So, this workshop aims to do away with all the propagated non-sense, and to objectively deliver a valuable experience. We will tell you both the “good” and the “bad” in a complete context, and we’ll back our every statement with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) book, and State approved illustrations. Because, in the end, we derive our satisfaction from knowing that our attendees are equipped with the Best and Most Comprehensive Knowledge & Information for properly understanding their life insurance options, as well as many other financial concepts that happen to be intertwined with Permanent Life Insurance.

You can consider us the true belivers in the old adage that says: “Your Best Decision is Always an Educated One.”

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