Enhancing & Protecting Wealth, Tax Efficiently, through All Stages of Life

Why Would You Pay 15, 20, or 30 years for a
Term life Insurance
& then have NOTHING to Show For it?!

A Unique & Educational Experience!

For your convenience, we offer 2 Workshop Options:

  1. In-Office Open Air: Conducted by the company president on our pleasant Roof-Top facility in our Glendale Office Location. Supper served. All Covid-19 guidelines are observed. Each Workshop is limited to 12 participants!
  2. Live Online Webinar: For those who prefer the virtual option.

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You will also receive a High Value Financial Information Package containing:

Free Hour of Consultation Appointment

To focus on just you! You will receive and be consulted on your own tailored Permanent Life Insurance Illustration, a 40-page legal and State approved document, containing detailed demonstrations of your Cash Value growth and your lifetime of Tax-Free Income potentials. Complete with the policy’s Expense Ledger, concept descriptions, and Index histories. A must have document for every family.

Your Personal Wealth Report

An identical retirement income comparison between a life insurance policy and other types of financial vehicles, such as an IRA. + Great Infographics.

Consumer Guide: Proven Wealth Strategies

Learn about the Top 5 Secrets to building wealth. Wealth building practices of the top 25%.

A Power Pack of 5 Consumer Concepts

A select group of high value conceptual brochures on some of the most powerful financial concepts with no cute pictures or half-baked statements!

Gaining Free Access to the Educational Video Library & Weekly Vlogs

A collection of 13 videos discussing some of the soundest strategies for tax efficiency, shielding against market volatility, and creation of a lifetime of income. Plus, a year subscription to receiving new weekly financial Vlogs. Enlightening.

Did you know?

that Walt Disney, Ray Kroc (Founder of Mc Donald’s), J.C. Penney, and numerous other multi-millionaires & billionaires, past & present, have used their Life Insurance Cash Value for Business Opportunities, Tax-Free Income, and Wealth Transfer?! Did you also know that in 2014, a Tech Executive in California purchased a whopping $212 million dollars life insurance, the largest in history? Well, the “Elite” have always known The Secret that:

“Life Insurance is the Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code”- Ed Slott

Ed Slott is a prominent tax & financial Advisor, and a practicing CPA. He has been featured on CNBC, PBS and Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. He has no affiliation with the life insurance industry, hence his objectivity. But, as a Tax Expert & a Retirement Planning Authority, he will be the first one to tell you that:

“Life Insurance is, in fact, the Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code”!

To put yourself among an Elite Group of Financial Savvy People who Understand & Utilize the Powerful Benefits of a Permanent Life Insurance, highlighted below, please register & partake in one of our educational Workshops:

  • The Most Efficient Way of Protecting Your Home & Family
  • Tax Free Retirement Income
  • Tax Free College Funding without Jeopardizing Your Child’s Chances of Receiving Grants (That’s Huge!)
  • Cash Value Rates of Return that Mirror the S&P 500 Index, Without the Risk of a Market Loss
  • An Advantageous Way of Meeting Business or any other type of Opportunity
  • Tax Free Transfer of Wealth
  • Access to Cash in case of a Chronic or Critical illness

Protection, Cash Accumulation, and Tax-Free Income Plans

NOTE: The above numbers are drawn from actual life insurance illustrations. They are based on a Male, Age 45, Non-Smoker Super Preferred rate, and the monthly premiums are assumed to have been paid for 25 years. These packages are meant to serve as indications of a life insurance policy’s potentials. To obtain your own specific illustration, tailored to your own needs & goals, please contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you.